Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Provocative Therapist welcomes you, but read the warning first

Warning: This blog is not for everyone. Do not read any further if you fall into any of the following categories:

1. You do not have a sense of humor.
2. You do not believe that a sense of humor can be a useful tool to deal with your problems and the problems of the world.
3. You are perfect and you think the world is perfect too.

Still with me. Okay, Let me begin by saying what Provocative Therapy is and how I intend to 'therap' the world from here.

What the %&%)*^*)^*)% is Provocative Therapy?

Okay then, Provocative Therapy is the use of Reverse Psychology and Humor in medicine and psychotherapy.

We all know that laughter is good for you. In fact I composed a mnemonic
(Kaplan's Mnemonic) to help me remember the physiological benefits of laughter.

Kaplan's Mnemonic
S tress release
M uscular relaxation
I mmunity increased
L lungs emptied fully of old air
E xercise and Endorphins and Encephalins released making you feel good.

and more and more benefits of laughter are being found. The world expert on this is Bill Fry. Google him to find more on how laughter helps us physically. Also Dr. Patch Adams is pretty well known for extolling the beneficial effects of laughter.

BUT Provocative Therapy is much more than getting people to laugh to feel better. It's about pressing your internal buttons to get you to laugh at the inner joke of your life.

What 'Inner Joke' ? The inner joke of your life is the funny side of how you are preventing yourself from finding fulfulment in life. Laugh at that and you open a window of opportunity for immediate change in your life. That's what provocative therapists aim to provoke.

Provocative Therapy is a fast-acting form of brief psychotherapy that produces durable results thus making it highly cost effective. But here the world can be therapeutically provoked FOR FREE!

Watch this space for more, but if you have to know more about Provocative Therapy right now, check out:

Brian Kaplan, MD
The Provocative Therapist

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